Pregnancy, Fertility & Hormones

In order to give you relief and energy, I can assist you in discovering which foods are healing and which ones may trigger your symptoms. Living mindfully is at the center of my approach to healing. Yoga, nutrition, and meditation are indeed tools that can help. Foods can be our ally and help to heal us, but they can also cause unnecessary pain and inflammation.

While I specialize in yoga and nutrition, I can also address other lifestyle factors that influence healing. These include: stress management, parenting, motherhood, exercise, sleep, social support, and the environment in which one lives/works. By taking into account dietary and lifestyle factors, my integrative approach gives my clients the best possible healing potential.

Understandably, lifestyle and dietary needs differ from person to person. There is not one health program that works for everyone. Each person who has pain, illness, or discomfort does not experiencing it for the same reason. Consequently, I tailor my approach to each individual client. I take into account personality, health history, level of pain, work life, illness, and readiness for change, among other factors.

Eating Disorders

I have come to understand that food and emotions are incredibly intertwined. What if you could finally be free of the prison that controlling food has brought into your life? I can help get you on a path to use food as a tool of healing, instead of a tool that signifies punishment. Whether you struggle with under eating, overeating or binge eating, I can help. There are many ways I can help you create a diet and lifestyle that you can enjoy and that will give you what you need through yoga and nutrition. If you are interested in breaking free of the diet cycle, binge-purge cycle, or just understanding how food can be your friend, nutrition services can help.

Living Mindfully

Yoga and meditation can help create a way of life in which each moment counts. Together, we can create a health and lifestyle program that assists you in becoming more present with yourself, your family, and your work life through diet and lifestyle changes with optimal health benefits. We live in a culture that values multi-tasking and efficiency over and above quality living. For many people, living efficiently is destroying their vitality and happiness. I can help you teach you how to use healthier tools to create a life with abundance, inner peace and wellbeing.