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Beginning Ashtanga Workshop

Ten Tuesday mornings: April 10 through June 12, 2018

The Beginning Ashtanga Spring Series is for continuing students of all levels. The class will allow time for deepening the foundation of the Primary Series of Ashtanga. Students will be encouraged to practice outside of class in order to deepen the work they do in class with Melanie. This will also help students create a stronger connection to the practice. This series will give students the chance to better understand and experience the pacing of Ashtanga Yoga, a vigourous flow style of yoga linking breath with movement. Each class will include a seated meditation, yoga philosophy, and hands on attention. We will build on previous experience to create a cohesive and holistic experience for each student. Cost: $145; email Melanie to register.

Mysore Style on Fridays

Ten Friday mornings: April 13 through June 15, 2018

Mysore is a city in South India where Ashtanga yoga was born. People continue to travel to Mysore to study at the K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute. Ultimately, the Ashtanga practice, including Mysore style, is a daily self practice under the guidance of a qualified teacher. In class, each student receives individual attention and is guided at their own pace, depending on how much of the practice they have committed to memory. When the teacher feels the student is ready, the teacher will add additional poses for the student, slowly, over time. This allows the student time for integration of the poses and to commit them to memory. Once the postures are memorized, the movements become smoother and the breath comes more stable. This creates a meditative experience. The Mysore room is a calm and peaceful place for self-study with the guidance of a teacher. Cost: $155 for series; $20 drop-in; email Melanie to register.

Ashtanga Year Long Immersion Program 2019-2020

Year long intensive study over a twelve-month period of time

The immersion program helps deepen your yoga practice and consists of 10 weekends of intensive study over a twelve-month period of time. The immersion focuses on the Ashtanga Primary Series, through study of the sutras, Ayurveda, adjustments, anatomy, and community. The program will also include a nutrition component.